Monday, January 3, 2011

The Country Tart is a Very Brave Woman

My dear friend  The Country Tart has been asked to write a book, by the owners of NutriMirror.  This will be an awesome book filled with her own personal experience and information about healthy eating, and recipes.

My experience with recipes is that many times an important instruction has been left out, or a measurement is wrong, or the cooking time is crazily inaccurate.  For example, have you ever tried making a recipe off of the Food Network's website?  If so, I rest my case.  If not, before you attempt one of their recipes, be sure to read all of the comments, and watch the video if there is one, to find out the real instructions, or you will never end up with the same dish the chef did.

Because of my experience with inaccurate recipes (please see my other blog Serenity Swamp for some true-to-life examples of recipes I have had a problem with), I offered to test recipes for The Country Tart before she puts them in her book.  Yes, my obvious ulterior motive was to get to her recipes before anyone else.  However, my less-obvious motive was to help her make sure that all her recipes are accurate.  If I am going to ride on her coattails to fame and fortune, I do not want it to be because she is ridiculed for all the inaccuracies in her recipes.    

Because The Country Tart is a wise woman, she agreed to let me test them.  Then she further agreed to let me blog about testing them.  Next, I will ask her to come to my house and cook the recipes, but she doesn't know that yet.  I will need time to butter her up a lot before I bring up that idea with her.